George and Thomas


Greg and I met up at the Rescue Mission Day Center around noon.  The place was pretty full.  Most people watching sports on tv, some sitting and chatting, others catching a catnap at a table or off to the side in a chair.

Neither Greg nor I had anyone special in mind but we knew we wanted to bring two people to join us at the park for a few hours.

I struck up a conversation with George and knew right away he was going to be my pick.  His smile was just too welcoming.

Greg asked our friend on staff to point out someone he felt was feeling low or just having an especially rough time.  A nod over in Thomas’ direction prompted Greg to go chat.

Within a few minutes we had four sets of cramped knees in the car.  Windows down, smiles in the rearview, and we were off to Onondaga Park.

George and Thomas

George and Thomas

Greg poured the lemonade; we shared some snacks and a nice “get to know you” chat.  We gave George and Thomas a journal to write down 10 things that make them happy.  Thomas said, “You mean, more than this day right here?!”

Thomas' list

Thomas’ list

I liked that Thomas wrote “morning suns.”  He said he wakes up to watch the sunrise every morning and it’s his favorite part of the day.  “It usually takes an hour to enjoy the whole thing,” he said.

George's list

George’s list

George got to 9 on his list and paused for a while before finally asking me how to spell “people.”

“Because of people like you three” was his reason for including it.


It was a “shoes off, sitting in the grass” type of conversation.

The fellas at Onondaga Park. [George, Greg, Thomas]

The fellas at Onondaga Park

Brother/sister-like bond.

A punch on the cheek from “lil sis” for a successful Day 1.

Whoppi Goldberg once said: “We are all here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.”


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