10 Things Team

Greg and Kate

Meet Greg and Kate. We’re happiest after a good bike ride.

Check out our 10 Things below:

Greg’s 10 Things

  1. God
  2. My Pastor
  3. My Father
  4. My kids
  5. Freedom
  6. A new beginning: friendship, meeting Kate
  7. Helping people see the ability to change their lives
  8. Thinking of memories with my Grandmother
  9. The smile on a child’s face
  10. Riding bikes – my inspiration to do bigger things in the community

Kate’s 10 Things

  1. Riding a bike
  2. Chocolate ice cream
  3. A book on Sunday morning
  4. Reaching the summit (hiking)
  5. Breakfast with a friend
  6. September: for sharpened pencils, apple picking and turtlenecks
  7. お茶道, The Way of Tea
  8. Music … all kinds
  9. Ping pong
  10. My belief that everything happens for a reason

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